With 35 years of retail experience, Christina is an entrepreneur with a passion for helping clients find the perfect items. As she has an eye for unique products, you are assured of finding something that suits you. Even better than that, Christina loves to bring her understanding of décor, layout, colour and texture to her clients, so they can use these pieces to their best effect in their home.

Avoid the mass-produced department store look and feel; relax into the rustic sweetness of bohemian style. Reflect your own taste with jewellery crafted to accentuate the natural beauty of each gem and crystal. Rich tones and unique shapes result in pieces you will wear for years to come. Great care has been taken to reflect true colours in the online shop so you are delighted from the moment you see it in person. Treat your home with care by choosing tea lights, lanterns, distressed shelving, wall hangings and more. You’ll love the soft colours and characteristic textures across our range, and enjoy how they blend across the store and throughout your home.

Delivering these precious items is no problem, as our team take time to parcel up your purchase with enough padding to protect it all the way from us to you.

Whatever your space, Indigo Star Creations furniture will fit. We make furniture based on your requirements, with made-to-measure bedside tables, tallboys, bedheads, TV units and more. Our staff can help you evaluate your space, so you have an accurate picture of how the room will function. With complementary colours and consistent textures throughout the collection, you will love the end result. Enjoy intricate wood carving, exquisite natural elements, and treasured looks in crotchet and wicker.