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Bohemian inspired homewares, furniture & jewellery
Boho - Indigo Star Ceations

For beauty and elegance in your home, you can rely on Indigo Star Creations.

From jewellery to décor and furniture, each piece has been carefully selected to bring calm and joy to everyone who enters your doors.

After the retail success of Indigo Star Creations pop-up shops, these uniquely crafted items in a boho aesthetic are now available through an easily accessible online shop. Browse the gallery for inspiration, or get in contact with us for custom orders.

At the heart of our boutique collection is the enjoyment of beauty, and we hope these pieces bring you great pleasure.

Indigo Star Creations

Bohemian inspired homewares, furniture & jewellery

On sale

Beautifully hand crafted,carved cabinet. Rainforest hard wood,finished in white wash,to give any room a Boho inspired look.  We can customise cabinet to suit individual needs

Prices may vary,if customised. 

  • Length: 2200mm
  • Height: 960mm
  • Depth: 450mm